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Steven Osborne

Ozzie has been head coach / manager of the under 8’s for around 2 years. His dedication to our young club members is both generous and inspiring to watch.

Ozzie started his Weedon playing career at the age of 16, featuring for the reserves on a number of occasions as a left winger before leaving the club to play for Barby – York Barbell in 1997, in his first season at Barby he was used in a more attacking role, scoring a total of 29 goals in his first season up front. He went on to have a number of successful seasons with Barby before coming back to play for The Malsters Weedon as left winger.

He continued to play for local clubs including, Brody Lodge, The Malsters Weedon and Weedon FC over the next 6 years before a series of knee injuries culminating in a snapped anterior cruciate ligament ended any hopes of returning to the game.

Ozzie was approached by Danny in the summer of 2014 with talk of setting up a number of juniors teams, a role that he simply could not refuse. His workrate and commitment is contegious to watch and he has successfully established himself as a pivotal member of the club. Alongside his weekly role as Under 8’s manager, Ozzie is also our communications officer as well as webmaster and graphic designer.

“It is with great pride that I am fortunate enough to walk these lads out each week, their drive, determination and commitment at such a young age is faultless and a real merit to their parents.”
- Manager Steven Osborne

Role: Communications Officer

Role description:

  1. 1. Managing the Weedon FC Website

  2. 2. Create and update Facebook and Twitter accounts on behalf of the club plus use other social media to increase club’s profile

  3. 3. Actively promote playing opportunities through posters in local community centres, schools and other community venues

  4. 4. Advertise for volunteers. Promote opportunities through word of mouth, posters, leaflets and local media

  5. 5. To raise the profile of the club in the local community

  6. 6. To be available to talk to the local media

Communications Officer

    • Nickname: Ozzie
    • Position: Left Winger
    • Appearances: 137
    • Goals: 53
    • Phone: 07904 975794
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