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Weedon Football Club Vision

Weedon Football Club Vision

To provide quality, safe opportunities for young people of all ages in our community and to provide a safe and positive alternative place to go other than playing on the streets. To help people realise their potential, develop personal skills and confidence and to introduce people to football regardless of age, ability, sex, religion and ethnic background. To improve the performance of players, coaches and volunteers within the club.

Club Values

The People’s Club
Endeavour – Determination
Highest Standards – Pursuit of Excellence – Attention to Detail
Innovative – Creative – Inclusive
Integrity – Trust – Respect
Team Work – Discipline – Competitive
Winning Games

Club Football Philosophy


“One Club, One Community!”

The ultimate aim is for the 1st team to win football matches, ideally through entertaining and attacking football, whilst always giving 100% effort and determination.
Weedon is a coaching club. It provides everybody with the opportunity to develop as players, coaches and people. Whether recruited from other clubs or developed through our own junior team, all are given a platform to succeed through high quality, extensive football coaching, and physical development.
All players are given every encouragement to improve and develop as footballers and young men/women. A key element of this success is our “one club approach”. This requires the 1st team and junior teams to maintain a strong and supportive working relationship at all times.

Junior Football Philosophy

Weedon FC will endeavour to produce young players with the skills, qualities and attributes needed to play football through the delivery of high quality coaching.
We will strive to develop balanced young people by teaching, instilling and up-holding the Club’s vision, values and football philosophy.
We will always attempt to put the development of individuals before the results of teams.
All junior departments will work together to support the needs of all our players with the common goal of creating a pathway from the Juniors to the 1st team.
We will encourage our players to play creative, attacking football with a winning mentality. This is part of our Coaching Philosophy.
We will try to control the game by dominating possession. Our aim is to play out from the back and through midfield. To enable us to do this we must spread out and make the pitch as big as possible. Our players must look to play forward whenever possible and we must not miss a chance to turn, penetrate, or shoot. Our Club has a tradition of getting crosses into the box, but we must also teach our players to attack through the 18 yard line by playing clever, creative and inventive football.
Out of possession all players must have the mentality to defend. They must know their defensive roles and responsibilities and they must be difficult to beat in 1v1 situations.
Our teams must look to press whenever possible but if we cannot press we must be compact and patient. From this position we must look for opportunities to press.


Weedon FC have an extensive committee who operate within a multi-disciplinary framework:
 • Technical (Qualified Coaches)
 • Welfare (Welfare Officer, Parent Liaison Officer & School Liaison)
 • Operations (Administration & Facilities Management)

Technical and tactical

5-11 – Players master the basic skills and techniques of the game. At this stage, they fall in love with the game and are already playing their first matches in the famous blue and white as they develop in 1v1 to 9v9 situations.
12-16 – Whilst carrying on technical and skill work the emphasis switches to problem solving. At the end of this stage players will have an understanding of one or more positions in the 11v11 game.


We live in the age of the super-fit athlete and footballers are no different. Our young players learn the importance of strength, speed, flexibility, agility and conditioning and have individual programmes in order to improve each specific physical area.


Football demands incredible mental and emotional strength and resilience. We focus on the key areas of goal-setting, motivation, self-confidence, concentration and communication with all our players. The development and acquisition of psychological skills enable our players to improve their performance and to fulfil their potential.

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