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Gav Oliff

Gav made a scoring debut for Weedon at the age of 16 as tricky left winger, before moving to local UCL club Bugbrooke St Micheals.

After a serious ACL rupture he came back to the club at 20 as striker, but at the end of his first season back at the club he ruptured his right ACL as was told he would never play again.

He came back to play the next season and is still playing to this day, scoring goals for the veterans team. He has played and scored in every legends match and throughout his career only received one yellow card.

Gav became our club chairman in 2011 and helped set up the veterans side in 2013.

“Only in the dictionary does success come before work rate, with this in mind our club is committed to working hard to achieve its goals, on and off the pitch.”
- Chairman Gav Oliff

Role: Chairperson

Role description:

  1. 1. Provide leadership and direction for the club

  2. 2. Oversee the work of the Club Committee

  3. 3. Chair meetings of the club

  4. 4. Advocate of the football club for the local community

  5. 5. Apply to the FA’s Community Awards

  6. 6. Organise a pre-season briefing for players and parents/carers at the start of each season detailing acceptable standards of behaviour

  7. 7. Attend the club structures and Good Club Governance In-service event organised by the CFA

  8. 8. Ensure that the New Managers Welcome Pack is updated annually and that all new coaches/managers receive a copy


  • Nickname: Chair
  • Position: Left Midfield / Striker
  • Appearances: 276
  • Goals: 125
  • Phone: 07411 644405
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